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Google Chrome – Browser Just made by Google September 4, 2008

Posted by bobato in Tekhnology.

Google Chrome – Browser Just made by Google

Google began a project just made one browser open source yang was named Google Chrome (spt the title above). This indicated that they will compete with Mozilla Firefox that has “dikencani” him for several last years. According to the source from Google Blogoscoped, browser this will have fitur and the capacity:

1. JavaScript Virtual Machine that was named V8, with was supported by V8, then browser this will pump the speed browser to several times over and like programmer java knew that, JVM had the surplus inside saved the memory, robust, and reliable.

2. Google Chrome used special tabs inside tasking from one window to the other window. Special tabs this different like that apparently in browser Mozilla we that tabs him was located was supervised address the bar, tabs Google Chrome will located above (=hmmm.. apparently not the surplus that ought to be please spoken of highly! )


3. Browser had the surplus car-completion in address the bar yg was n

amed omnibox. This capacity apparently indeed ought to be admired. Google Chrome will give search suggestions when we typed the key word that was wanted by us. Search suggestion that was given by us spt “canon digital camera” will become “digital camera”.


4. Google Chrome had fitur “speed dial” yg almost be the same as browser the Opera, where gave thumbnails screenshot against 9 pages that most often were visited by us and put forward latest bookmark and latest search.

5. Incognito, one fitur that maintained privation as in the case of Microsoft with InPrivate. The procedure and the capacity incognito later will be discussed by us more in after browser this could didownload and was used..

6. Google Chrome would always/every time mendownload list sites were dangerous that will prevent the spreading malware/spyware/worm and other attacks spt phising and the theft of the identity, dll With fitur-fitur that wow above, I the feeling did not have again doubt for us utk tried to use Google Chrome as browser our future! Kecepatan,Keamanan,Kenyamanan as well as the Ease was his key! You could read further concerning the surplus and the achievement from Google Chrome in blog official Google Blog – A fresh take ounce the browser Whether Firefox 3 and IE8 will be left? Proven by us eventually after we already download browser free this!.


Google Chrome now becomes the phenomenon, earlier today a moment ago I found link to mendownload browser just from google this was displayed in the page frontpage search engine google. Google Chrome now becomes the prima donna everywhere, although Google Chrome this still in my stage version, but already millions of people have tried used browser this. The Google Chrome presence was forecasted will overcome IE8 and Firefox. Definitely not only the speed, the security then to konsen that was superior from browser just this. If you wanted mendownload him, please to:





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