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WGA Microsoft August 29, 2008

Posted by bobato in Computer.

Update WGA Microsoft to protect XP Pro


Windows Vista emerged the first time with the strong defence against hardened, in fact too strong so as often caused complained from the customer when Vistanya that berlisensi did not work and Microsoft must have finally tidied up on a large scale. If the Vista was not activated completely, then he will enter inside “reduced functionality mode”, where you could only access the internet to menyelesikan the process aktivasi online or bought the key to the valid product. For the Vista SP1, this system has been changed — you continued to be able to undertake the operation system, but his background will be black and had the box of the annoying warning was inscribed with “you in May be a victim of software counterfeiting”.


Now, Microsoft would mengimplementasikan fitur this for Windows XP Professional through the Windows Genuine Advantage version (WGA) just. With the addition of this WGA notification to XP, Microsoft has mengimplementasikan several fitur related that resembled Windows the Vista SP1. After menginstal WGA just this to Windows XP that failed the validation, the users will find when the log ounce following, their background will be black replaced the background that was used beforehand.



The background desktop could be changed into anything that you liked, but every time 60 minutes, he will change again became the black colour plain. This will happen repeatedly until Windows has become original.


Moreover, the user will also see the message that could be acknowledged as stubborn and abstention surrendered. This message (saw below) emerged in the screen part and was non-interactive, that meaning that not there are those that could be carried out by you towards him.


Update this only was present for the user of XP Pro that according to Microsoft was the version that often was hijacked. If you used XP Home or the edition of the Center Media, Anda will not get the WGA edition just this. (Chron).


Several sites also speculated that this WGA behaviour was one of the Microsoft efforts to force the user to buy the Vista, especially in the segment korporat that often did not use the Vista because of the requirement for high harshness equipment. “Microsoft has stopped selling XP in the market, and this raised the question why Microsoft spent time and money to prevent was hijacked by him this product?”



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