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virus Attack the astronaut’s Computer August 29, 2008

Posted by bobato in Computer.

The virus Attack the astronaut’s Computer the Outer Space station


NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration gave confirmation on last Wednesday, that a virus computer attacked International Space Station and has dikarantina last July by software the security. According to the spokesperson Nasa, Kelly Humphries, a type virus worm was found in computer laptop that was used by the astronaut to send and receive the email from the outer space station by placing the message in the centre control the mission in Texas.


The type virus worm this was reported to software that ‘jahat’ that kept keystroke or the data that diinputkan from keyboard on the occasion of to steal password or the data sensitive other by sending information to hacker via the Internet. The computer laptop this his profit not terhubung with system control any outer space station or to the Internet. “Virus worm this disrupted the activity of the work of the astronauts. Kru co-operated denga the team in the field to remove the virus and carried out the action to prevent so that this incident is not repeated again in afterwards the day. However, the virus computer this did not disrupt the operation of the outer space station. ”, said Humphries.


The outer space station memutari the orbit of the earth very much in time 90 minutes around 350 km. NASA found the virus in computer that was hidden in stick the memory that was used to keep file music, the video and file digital other. Humphries said, the incident of the virus attack in computer the astronaut outside this space, not that the first time, and had happened beforehand.



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