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Microsoft Visual August 29, 2008

Posted by bobato in Tekhnology.

Mainsoft Develop Microsoft Visual the Studio 2008 ideas

Mainsoft, facilitated the developer to increase skill the Microsoft Windows development in order to develops the application for the other platform. Last Monday was introduced update the development of the product for Java, Linux and Unix, to be added in support Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 ideas.

Mainsoft for Java EE the version 2,5 was Visual the Studio with the compilation between engine like C# and Visual Basic so as the developer could make the application of ASP.Net AJAX and undertook the platform of Java EE. the Java EE Platform including IBM WebSphere the Gate and Application Server, the Expeditor Lotus and the Notes Lotus, and Tomcat. As the addition to support Visual Studio 2008 versions 2,5 took the form of the capacity fitur the language to C# 3,0 and Visual Basic 9.

Mainsoft for Java EE the version 2,5 for Unix and Linux made the developer C++ could develop the application enterprise used Visual Studio 2008, then spread him to 21 Unix platforms and Linux. Upgraded also could be carried out to MOBILE PHONE-UX 11i v2 and v3 to the Integrity Server MOBILE PHONE with processor Itanium Intelligence 4-bit. Java EE the version 2,5 also support with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to x86 64 and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 to x86, also MOBILE PHONE-UX 11v3 in server the MOBILE PHONE 9000 with processor PA-RISC. Mainsoft estimated was gotten more than one million user that undertook software Windows in Java EE, Unix, or Linux because of this Java EE product. Mainsoft for Java Enterprise Edition (EE) began with the USD price 5.000 per CPU to server Tomcat



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