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Asus UF735 August 29, 2008

Posted by bobato in Tekhnology.

Asus UFoto UF735, Not Only Frame Digital Foto


Asus recently launched 7 digital the photograph frame, Asus UFoto UF735, that only did not put forward the digital photograph of the favourite with the accompaniment of music, but also could function as the mini monitor that will put forward newest information like messenger Windows, information gadget, picture viewer, et cetera. With the unique and very good design, Asus UFoto UF735 ought to really get the appreciation of the design of the product RedDot 2008 that produced the innovation, the use and the quality of the product.


Asus UFoto UF735 was built with the digital LCD panel 7-inch with the high resolution untu put forward the photograph that briliant. Asus UFoto UF735 was designed with frame metal and the effect of the light, the symmetrical control switch that really was easy to be used. With Asus UFoto UF735 user could keep the digital photograph of the favourite and music with memory card, USB flash, or took from the computer. User could also combine the digital photograph and music in the photograph slideshow that was accompanied with the effect of the transition to complete moment that diinginkan.Dengan colour technology that was varied from UFoto UF735, then user could put forward the effect of the different photograph.


Asus UFoto UF735 also had the function sub-display that could be used as display secondary. This will give comfort worked in the main monitor screen to user, now in display the two user was doing update like messenger windows, information gadget, picture viewer, et cetera. Display secondary this also provided three mode in the taking of picture information like the example user could do drag and provided form anything from display main from PC or laptop, to UFoto UF735 in extended mode. Sub-display also provided fitur the calendar and alarm to user.


With Asus UFoto UF735 user could be easy to look for the photograph was based on the date data that was wanted. UFOTO UF735 also could be placed in a vertical manner, horizontal or clung to the wall. With the censor car-rotation could put forward the position of the good photograph landscape and portrait and with the censor AI Light could arrange automatically the illumination and the photograph acuteness.


The complete specification about Asus UFoto UF735:

  • Layar : 7-inch high-resolution (800×480 pixels) digital LCD panel (viewing area: 720×480)  :
  • Memori Card  : Support CF/ SD/ MMC/ MS/ xD memory card dan USB flash
  • Interface  : USB2.0, Earphone jack
  • Foto-in-Motion Mode : Vivid / Nostalgic / Black-and-White / Spotlight / Standard
  • Sub-display Mode : Duplicate/ Selected / Extended
  • Built-in memory : 128MB
  • Built-in stereo speakers : Ya
  • File format supported : JPEG / BMP / GIF / MP3
  • Power mode  : AC power / built-in rechargeable battery
  • Frame color  : Star Silver / Blush Pink / Sky Blue


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